This blog is about teaching people about diseases that are caused by pathogens which cause toxins to form in your body. It is a complement to the e-book Pathogenic Mutations (available at http://smashwords.com/profile/view/jlknilans and in most digital bookstores). Here, readers will be able to get additional information which is not in book, such as how to use various products, and coming soon: additional photos and video clips which will provide additional instructions on how to heal.  This is a work in progress and it will take some time to get it all developed.  Comments are welcome but will be monitored prior to publishing.

Besides discussion of treating Fiber Disease, Morgellons, fungal infections, Sick Building Syndromes, and other similar toxin related illnesses this site is about how to use a very effective product called PathoGenX Liquid and PathoGenX Gel, which will effectively kill fungus, virus, bacteria and most pathogens that can make people ill. These products are dietary supplements or cosmetics but are as effective as  prescription antibiotics and very much safer.  These products can be used long term without side effects.  The FDA does not allow such products to be classified as drugs and thus they limit all claims that can be made by the manufacturer.  I am not the seller or manufacturer of the PathoGenX products but I did consult in the development of them. These products can be obtained online at http://pathogenx.com but there will be no instructions on how to use them to treat any illness, which is why I am doing that on this site.  I was ill for a very long time and it was these products that finally was able to bring me back from death’s door.


Why This Work?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

Evil men created AIDS and dispensed it in (health promoting) vaccines.

Evil men and or companies caused this Fiber Disease or Morgellons and are denying it.

Evil men cause illnesses and then provide the expensive drugs to treat those suffering for extreme profit.

Evil men created the diseases of this era and they ruined my life, but I have fought for my health and now I know how to help others and I must not let evil rein without an attempt at righteousness.

I don’t want my diseased skin images on display, but if not mine — whose?

I don’t want my very private life to be an open book but if not told then there is silence and evil wins — again.

I don’t want to lose quality hours of my last trimester of life working on this horrid situation but if I do not do this, how many others may not have a quality of life in even their first trimester of their lives?

I have tired to run and hide pretending I didn’t have “it”, that I don’t know what is going on, that I am going to be a sheeople and follow along.  But I am not a sheeople, that is not ME.  My conscience has been screaming at me – LOUDLY – to fight to the death – mine.  And so I will.

I invite you to join me in the fight to regain your health and get your life back.  Then fight for justice to expose yet one more man made disease which is on the verge of pandemic proportion.  Don’t hide – SCREAM – about what this is doing to your life, to your family and never believe it is not real. Don’t let them win by beating you down and making you think you are crazy.  We are better than that.


So I plan to teach others on how to use PathoGenX products along with some other detoxification products to get well. These products will heal most of these horrific diseases and plenty of others not so horrific.  The best news is that they are non-prescription, and they are better than anything the FDA approves in their crooked organization.  I offer some guidance on this blog and I also offer private consultation for a fee, you can make a request for consultations by registering on the site and requesting consultation services.  Your post is private and will not be seen by others.

Do your part and spread the news about how to test for fiber disease:  Red wine in mouth for several minutes – spit onto white paper plate and examine for mold like thickness in the spittle.  If you have it do not delay in beginning the treatment process as explained in book.


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