Sexually Transmitted Disease

If you are having sex you need to be concerned with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s).  The good news is that PathoGenX Liquid and PathoGenX Gel will lessen your fear of passing on your pathogens or inheriting someone else’s.

As a prevention adults drink 2 teaspoons of PathoGenX Liquid daily once in the morning and again before bed.  This product will help you stay well or help you to get well and do much more for you than just prevent STD’s.  Never have sex again without using these as a lubricant.  It will kill the disease causing pathogens so you will not have to be so worried about passing on or receiving STDs!  Also great for Genital Herpes.

Use the PathoGenX Gel topically on genitals just prior to sexual intercourse.

If you have Morgellons or the Fiber Disease you can prevent sharing it with your sex partners by applying PathoGenX Gel to the genital areas just prior to sexual contact.  Women should use a vaginal applicator and put about 1 gm of gel into their vagina. Men should apply the gel to their penis.

If you do not have Morgellons or Fiber Disease the same procedure should be used to prevent any STD’s from causing you illness.

PathoGenX Gel and Liquid contains silver sol which has been proven to be a broad spectrum anti-pathogenic solution safe for long term use and even more effective than antibiotics.  These products are available at:



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