Healing Frequencies

As a long time sufferer of the fiber disease I have been trying to find the best treatments for years. In this search I discovered that lights and frequencies were very effective. What I did not accomplish with the lights is getting them to go deeply enough into my body because at the time I thought I had a skin condition, not realizing it was systemic. So the lights helped the skin sores but it was not killing the pathogens that were in the lung and deep tissues. Then, as I learned about silver sol (the effective ingredient in

PathoGenX Liquid and Gel) what caught my eye was the research about the frequency of the product going into all the bodily tissues! Bingo – I was on this in a snap because I knew the right frequencies had already worked for me but was not going where it needed to go. PathoGenX Liquid has the killing frequency I needed because within one week of getting on this product the color in my face came back. I had mold come out of my finger nails – right out of the tops of the nails! I had been using a collidal silver product called Nutra Silver and it has helped some people but it did not compare to PathoGenX. Nutra Silver did not make the mold come right out of my fingernails, and eyes, and skin. It was the correct frequency in PathoGenX Liquid that drove the organism out of my deep tissues. Thank God.

It also happens that the detoxification products I use, from DNR, also have specific frequencies and help to adjust your bodies frequency so that it can then heal.

Here is a report on the wonders of silver sol and how the product’s resonace was tested:

Silver and Cellular Abnormalities: According to the Journal of Chem. Medicinal Chem. (Nov. 2007), beams of ultraviolet light can be used to destroy tumors and cancers. Special molecules are injected into the bloodstream and then activated by a beam of ultraviolet light. It only takes a few minutes of light beam therapy to actively attack the cancer cells. The top research scientist (Colin Self) stated: “I would describe this development as the equivalent of ultra-specific magic bullets.” This break-through in cancer treatment is significant to silver sol because, according to Penn State University Professor Roy, silver sol has been published to resonate at a frequency of 910 terahertz which falls in the same category of ultraviolet light frequency as the antitumor lights (Curr. Science Invest, 2007). It has been shown that infectious agents are associated with causing solid tumors (Kaposi’s sarcoma), blood-based cancers (Leukemia) and other forms of cancers such as cervical cancer, which is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. (Townsend Letters for Doctors, May 2006). As you can see, bacteria, viruses, mold and other infectious agents have been reported to cause cancers. Taken daily, silver sol can prevent cellular bacteria, viruses, and mold so that the single-cell abnormalities never go beyond a single cell. This is important because once diagnosed, doctors often prescribe chemotherapy or radiation that can cause immune suppression. This suppression of normal immune function allows for multiple pathogens to seed or spread. In this situation silver sol may have the potential to play a dual role: either destroy the infectious agent that causes the cancer and/or destroy the pathogenic load arising from the immunocompromised patients (Townsend Letters for Doctors, May 2006).

Doctor Rentz (Am Acad Environmental Medicine, 2003) reports that the following cancer-associated infections are susceptible to silver sol treatment: HIV (Bull Cancer, 2006), Kaposi’s sarcoma (Eur. Neurology, 2002), Epstein Barr Virus (J. Biol Regul Homeost Agents, 2005), Respiratory syncytial virus (Pediatrics, 2005), Influenza, Parainfluenza, Fungemia (J Support Oncology, 2005), Rotavirus (Bone Marrow Transplant, 2005), Cytomegalovirus (Cancer, 25), and streptococcus pneumoniae (Medicine, 2005).

According to a NASA Technical report done at the University of Wisconsin, silver sol can be skillfully administered and due to its picoscaler diffusion capabilities will impregnate all collective atoms within each tumor cell or pathogenic cell with silver ions (Final technical report, University of Wisconsin, and NASA CR-114978, code 3, cat 04). This saturation potential supercharges silver’s ability to displace the potassium-dependent glucose transport mechanism which is the exclusive means by which cancerous cells feed themselves, thereby selectively starving cancer cells without harming normal cells (Townsend Letter for Doctors, May 2006). Published cancer results include: “We studied malignant fibrosarcoma cells (cancerous fibroblasts) and found that electrically injected silver suspended their runaway mitosis.” (Becker, 1995). “Women with breast cancer (confirmed by biopsies), each received a single dose of silver sol at a concentration of 10 ppm. The 30 subjects were re-tested by biopsy at day 19 post injection, resulting in 100% normal tissue” (Antelman, MS. 2000).


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