Vaginal Infections

PathogenX Gel will kill fungus, viral, bacterial and most combination types of pathogens that seem to be coming onto the scene with the 21 century diseases.  PathoGenX Gel is best if combined with the use of the PathoGenX Liquid (2 teaspoons twice daily) which is taken internally, while the gel is inserted into the vagina.  Put the gel on a tampon and wear it for at least an hour a day.  You may also have a vaginal applicator that comes with yeast infection products, use 1 gm of gel in a vaginal applicator.  Use daily until all signs of condition have cleared.

This process is also great for prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. These products will kill the pathogens causing the various illness within 10 minutes of contact.  It is safe to use either of these products continually without fear of complications that you get when you use antibiotics or anti-fungals.  This is a very safe, inexpensive means to stay well and not pass on or receive pathogens from partners!

PathoGenX Gel and PathoGenX Liquid are private label products of silver sol the newly patented nano silver product that out performs all other types of silver products on the market! Collidal Silver products do not compare with this new type of silver solution!

Report by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

Silver Sol Gel Completely Destroys Disease Causing Yeast and Bacteria in Minutes

Silver Sol Gel was tested against numerous bacterial and yeast strains (Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli) to determine how well Silver Sol Gel would kill a broad spectrum of disease causing pathogens. This was measured by percent reduction in pathogen, LOG reduction. Results indicate that Silver Sol Gel completely destroyed all forms of bacteria tested to a LOG 5 reduction. This is significant because an FDA category one wound care approval requires the approved product to be able to achieve a 1 log reduction (90% kill) in 7 days of contact, and a 3 log reduction (99.9% kill) within 14 days. The Silver Sol achieved a 4-5 log reduction (99.999+ kill) in the first hour of contact. The FDA further requires an approved product to be able to kill 500,000 bacteria. The Silver Sol Gel was tested at 3-5 times the required amount of the pathogenic load, killing between 1,500,000 and 2, 500,000 of the deadly pathogens within the first hour.

In this study Silver Sol Gel far surpassed FDA required kill percentages by killing all yeast and bacteria tested at a significant level of 99.99900 %. This is an improvement of over 10,000 times (log 5) better kill rates than what would be required to be classified as an effective antimicrobial. It accomplished this killing in less than one hour.

Silver Sol Gel appears to be one of the best and most broad spectrum antibacterial agents and has been proven to produce no resistance (Current Science, 91: 2008). Because Silver Sol gel kills so quickly and completely (99.99900 %) without causing bacterial resistance, it could be successfully used everyday without creating the problems of mutation and resistance created by antibiotics. END

The products are available at but there will be no instructions for use as they are not approved by the FDA to be used for treating any diseases.  The liquid is a dietary supplement and the gel is a cosmetic, which by the way is great to use on any sores, pimples, burns or wounds.


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