Fungus Identified as Hormographiella Species

On September 9, 1011 I saw the pathology report that came from Mayo Labs that the broncial wash fluid, which had grown on a petrie dish, was identified as Hormographiella Species and a second organism, filamentous fungus, they were unable to identify. No surprise there since they have not been able to identify it for the past several years (and I suspect not working on it very hard either!)

Unfortunately, I was also informed on this date that I have adenocarcinoma in my right lower lung and will be needing to remove it as soon as possible.  I am not certain at this time if there are any other areas of my body involved.  It has been caught early and the pulmonologist said I have better than a 40% chance to survive.

However, he is not aware of the long time that I have had this fungus and if you look that fungus up online it carries a pretty poor prognosis as well. However, most people who have it are already very ill and immuno compromised such as with AIDS or long term chemotherapy.  I have never had anything like that, so one wonders, why would I have this fungus.  And how is it associated with these unidentified fibers.  This is a very important connection that somehow needs to be made.   Do others have this same fungus?  I can tell you that the “normal” pathology labs cannot identify it, but they may be able to at least grow it and then send it to a place such as Mayo. This is how my mold growth was able to be identified.  My local pathology department grew the mold from my lung wash but after 6 weeks gave up on identifying it so they sent it to Mayo.

I have survived with “it” for 16 years and now I feel better since I began using the PathoGenX Liquid so if I can get rid of the cancer I think I will be able to get rid of the fungus too.  The doctors are amazed that I am not really bothered too much by the cancer diagnosis but they do not understand what I have already gone through with the Morgellons.  Cancer to me is nothing compared to what I have been fighting for so long.  An additional note, many people with Morgellons end up with some type of cancer, so it is no real surprise to me that I have this diagnosis. Cancer runs in my family as well so I was expecting it to pop up at some point.

Here is another thing my doctors think which is SO very wrong.  They think that once they take out my lung lobe the fungus will be gone too!  I talk and talk and they do not listen.  I told Mayo Clinic way back in the spring of 2005 that I was full of fungus and they would not test for it nor listen.  I am telling the team of doctors now, this is not just in the lungs it is systemic, and guess what they say:  “We can’t be certain of that just because a lung flush came up with it”.  God, what does it take for these medical professionals to realize how this works.

I will try to get my tissues into the hands of pathology departments that will have some of the evidence of the two types of fungus on record.  If I do not make it my body will also be donated to science to further study this horrific disease.

Treat yourselves people – the doctors, even the best of them, just do not get it.



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3 responses to “Fungus Identified as Hormographiella Species

  1. I am taking the pathogenix liqued and noticed a difference right away in the way I felt. The gel works for the crawling also. I am doing the whole protocol. I’ve had morg for 2 years. The doctors are starting to believe because of the amount of people complaining. But, just 2 years ago, I couldn’t find a believer.

  2. Now that I have lab results that have shown two type of fungus, one identified and one (the fibers) not identified, as well as a surgeon who is on my side for getting further research into what might be going on I feel I have made a significant forward step in bringing greater awareness to our disease and hopefully some understanding as to the seriousness of this disease as well. I will be devoting the rest of my life to bringing awareness to the public and professionals who will listen.

    And again I will tell everyone, do not just treat the sores topically, this is an internal disease that eventually involves the skin but the internal disease must be the main focus of your treatment process. I treated the sores for many years never considering that it was in my lungs, my bones etc… and for the CDC to call it an “Unexplained Dermopathy” is very harmful to everyone who suffers. Nonetheless, I will try to get information to dermatologists because these doctors are the ones who are seeing people and misdiagnosing them because they do not know how to identify this.

    Until then, take care of yourselves because you are just losing precious time going to doctors who have no idea about what is going on.

  3. In late September of 2011 I had a lobe of my lung removed due to cancer. I have never smoked or been around second hand smoke. I requested that the tissue from my lung be examined for fungus. It took several weeks but the results finally came back indicating that I have Scopulariopsis Species. This fungus can grow in skin, sinsuses, nails, and for me it goes into the lungs too. I have left the conventional medical doctors feeling at a loss since they really never believed me when I had been telling them all along I had a systemic fungal infection. Now that there is actual lab proof of it they still have no idea of how to treat it! So, again, thank God I know a few things about alternative therapy because if it were not for that I would have no help whatsoever. I am going to be using blends of essential oils, lights, PathogenX liquid and I feel I will overcome this fungal disease. Now that I know what I am aiming at I feel I have a better chance to win the fight.

    Scopulariopsis is a fiber forming fungus. It is a large group comprised of a number of species commonly found in soil, decaying wood, and various other plant and animal products. Indoors Scopulariopsis is found on damp walls, cellulose board and wall paper; wood; floor and mattress dust; wooden food packing, shoes, carpets, swimming pools and sometimes found growing on meat in storage.

    It makes perfect sense to me now in making the connection between Morgellons and being a person infected with Scopulariopsis and what I have referred to as “the fiber disease” because my body emits fibers. It is part of the Morgellons symptoms. So does that mean all people with “the fiber disease” really have a fungal infection of Scopulariopsis? Maybe, and maybe not but it is worth trying to get a proper lab identification. It has taken me 16 years to get to this point! I certainly hope I can help others make their discovery in much less time.

    Please know that many labs do not know how to identify this fungus.

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