Who am I?

Judith Knilans, N.D., PhD, I have studied: veterinary medicine and took several pre-vet classes regarding animal health at University of Wisconsin campuses.  My late husband was a veterinarian and I worked in the animal hospital for 10 years before his death.  With his death it was evident that I would no longer be able to continue in the veterinary field.  So, I then began to study the natural health sciences through Clayton College of Natural Health and I obtained a Doctor of Naturopathy certification in 2001.  I am not a medical doctor and I cannot prescribe drugs, I cannot diagnose your illnesses.  What I can do is teach you how to heal yourself.

I offer private consultations to people (and their pets) who have conditions that conventional medicine is failing to address.  The main conditions that I have special knowledge of are what I call the diseases of the 21st century.  They are related to external and internal toxins from environmental factors as well as from internal pathogens that create biotoxins, mycotoxins, biofilms, mycoplasmas which create the neurotoxins etc… The illnesses present differently for different people but they all stem from toxins and pathogens which create internal toxins.  I have had the Fiber Disease  (also known as Morgellons) since the mid 1990’s, thus I feel very well qualified to help all of those suffering from this horrid disease. Other illnesses of our new era that conventional doctors have no idea how to deal with include:  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, silicone breast implant toxicity, co-infections of Lyme Disease, Gulf War Syndrome, fibromyalgia, vector borne illnesses, sick building syndrome and genetically modified food toxicity (which may be a co-factor of Morgellons). .

I suffered for so long without anyone’s help that I feel I must make myself available for those who are in misery with this condition and other toxin based illnesses. Unless a person has had these diseases no one can understand or comprehend the emotional issues, the life challenges, and the shear misery that one goes through just trying to get a normal life back.  I fully understand, and I can help people regain health as long as there has not been permanent damage to brain tissues, and other vital organs. Even then, I can help stop the progression of the pathogens/toxin development.  I have damages to my internal organs and they will always be damaged but I do live a fairly good life again.

PathoGenX Liquid. PathoGenX Liquid Plus and PathoGenX Gel are the primary products that kill all types of pathogens and they are safe for adults, children, infants and pets. 

At the same time as we kill off the various pathogens with the above products you will also need to detoxify your bodily tissues.  I use PathoGenX Colon Detoxification product as well as special bath soaks from DNR.  Different products are used for different illnesses and we will modify these as your healing progresses.

The process is: First we kill it and then we get rid of it (both from body and from environment when possible via various detoxification pathways):  I will recommend the use of a fairly new product that kills nearly every known pathogen and is does so quickly and safely. All these products must be purchased from the company on their website:  I will obtain the DNR products for you after I learn what special needs you have in your particular situation.

Candida/Fungal/Mold Removal – First we kill it with PathoGenX products, we use a colon detox and then we soak out the toxins weekly in a special formulated mineralize tub soak.   Feel your body energize with energy in water!

Heavy Metals – gone, down the drain! Quickly too. Mercury, Cadimum, Toulene, all of them… gone!

Chemicals – from household cleaners, make-up, cleaning products, air pollution, gasoline etc. all gone – quickly!

Silicon (from breast implants) … I can show you how to clear that all out of your system! Quickly too! Please do not get implants – Read Dr. Susan Kolb’s Book “The Naked Truth” and if you have them and are having any health issues you can be sure it will be the toxins coming off the implants.

Cigarette Smokers (and Secondhand Smoke victims) The tar will come right out of your skin and leave black goo on the tub!

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue – PathoGenX and toxin removal and you’ll feel like a new person in 60 days or less!

ADD/ADHD – got kids on Ritalin? Sure hope you know how bad that is. Won’t need mind drugs once you do this!

Lung Problems:  We will use a nebulizer with PathoGenX Liquid Plus and then also detox and your lung problems will gradually improve.  The deep lobes of the lungs may take some time but the PathoGenX Liquid Plus product will kill any lung pathogens. Even people with COPD have gotten better.  The degree of lung scarring will determine level of recovery but if you do not have advanced scar tissue you will have excellent results once we kill the organism(s) living in your lungs.

I prefer you fill out the forms that I will be sending you and then snail mail them back to me with a personal check but if you prefer to pay with PayPal that can also be arranged. The above number is also a fax so after you fill out the forms you can fax them back and we can arrange a PayPal invoice.  I am sorry to say that insurance will not cover any of these consultations or products and you will have to pay for all services when you request them.  They will also not be able to be applied towards your deductible or co-pay. This is alternative treatment and the products are considered dietary supplements and/or cosmetics.  If they had FDA approval they would cost you $2000 a month!

I am not a medical doctor. I am not licensed to diagnose or prescribe medications. I can TEACH you about healing with safe natural holistic products. These products are as effective as antibiotics but cannot be listed as such.  This is actually a good thing because it gives you the opportunity to heal yourselves.  M.D.’s cannot legally treat you or make any suggestions about your health until they have personally seen you in their offices.  I am not restricted by that limitation because I am only teaching you about the natural healing.  This saves you hundreds of dollars in flying around the country trying to locate a doctor who may actually understand how to help you, and then you find out they don’t know how to help either. (I’ve been there and done that myself as I tried to find the answers to my failing health.) Flying is really hard for and on sick people so to eliminate that is a great benefit to you.

I can teach you about how to clean up your home environment, which for some people, is a must in order to stop reinfection.  I do not make any claims about “curing” anything and because the products I suggest are not drugs the FDA does not allow any such claims to be made as to their healing ability. If you want to use prescription drugs and you want the FDA’s stamp of approval then this is not the place for you.

Medical doctors will call me a quack – but the good news is I know way more than they do when it comes to many of these disease processes and this form of safe natural healing! They are clueless. They are in denial and they cannot help you because they simply know nothing when it comes to toxin related illnesses such as Morgellons or how energy balances your body – which then heals itself. The pathologists do not know how to recognize Morgellons or many other chronic illnesses and thus the physicians do not know there is even a pathogen for which they need to prescribe their drugs for! Except – psychosis – they believe we are all nuts!  Right!  Well watch your so called mental illnesses go away with proper care!  These toxins are neurotoxins and that is why they affect your mind.  Once you get rid of them your thinking will clear.

Having said that I must add this disclaimer:

Please consult with your personal health care physician about your medical condition prior to and during your therapy.


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